For the well-being of your assay


Kaivogen coated 96-well plates

Kaivogen streptavidin coated plates are suitable for a wide range of applications, like immuno or nucleic acid hybridization assays. The plates are available in several different 96-well formats: 12 & 8 well strips, solid plates or breakable strips enabling use of different instrumentation and assay configurations. Also other plate formats are available on request. All the plates have high affinity towards biotin and are stable over a wide range of pH, detergent concentration and ionic strength. The available plate families differ regarding binding capacity, background, streptavidin leaching and cost. For assays suffering from streptavidin leaching we recommend the UniverSA96 plates and for ELISA- type measurements the KaiSA96 plates.

Anti-mouse coated plates are coated with polyclonal rabbit anti-mouse IgG antibodies. Currently the plates are available in 12-strip format, but other plate formats are available on request.