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We offer streptavidin-coated microtitration plates with a range of properties in several 96-well formats giving you the option to select the best alternative for your application. In addition to streptavidin plates, Kaivogen also offers anti-mouse IgG coated plates as a catalogue item. If your assay demands a special surface for optimal performance, Kaivogen runs a custom coating service to fulfil your needs.

For detection of biomolecules we provide several lanthanide chelates with different metal ions, activation chemistries and fluorescence properties. If you are interested in having your biomolecule coupled with a label, our company also provides a labelling service for small molecules requiring HPLC-purification.

Kaivogen also offers controlled production facilities for preparation of buffers and other laboratory liquids.

The KaiSA product family from Kaivogen Oy is certified according to the Quality Management System standard ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 by DNV GL.

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