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Kajo615 features:

  • Europium chelate for high-sensitivity applications
  • Excitation around 340 nm, main emission around 615 nm
  • A separate intensification step needed
    • Europium fluorescence intensifier (EFI) recommended
  • ITC-activated for labelling of amino-groups
  • For labelling of protein and small molecules

Other formats available through custom service:

  • IAA-activation for labelling on SH-groups
  • DNA version with improved stability for nucleic acid hybridization assays
  • Other lanthanides e.g. terbium (em. 545) and samarium (em. 643)

NOTIFICATION: Kaivogen chelates listed in the this section are from here on available through Abacus Diagnostica Ltd. Please contact Mr. Erno Sundberg (CEO),