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Kaivogen Lanthanide chelates

For labelling of biomolecules, Kaivogen offers several different lanthanide chelates. Some of the lanthanides, especially europium, terbium and samarium, are known for their long life-time fluorescence, which enables measurements based on time-resolved fluormetry (TRF). Due to the long fluorescence life-time, the TRF-based assays typically improve assay sensitivity and reduce background signal caused, for example, by the sample matrix or the plastic surface of the plate. The lanthanide chelates are widely used in various types of bioaffinity assay from trisomy testing to screening of new drug candidates.

Kaivogen provides two different families of lanthanide chelates. The Kajo chelates are not fluorescent as such and are optimal for high sensitivity applications. They demand a separate intensification step at the end of the assay in other words addition of Europium Fluorescence Intesifier solution. The Loisto chelates are intrinsically fluorescent. They can be used as donor labels in time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy-transfer (TR-FRET) assays, or assays involving direct surface measurement. Kaivogen chelates provide you with cost efficient options for immuno-, TR-FRET- and nucleic acid hybridization assays. All chelates are delivered with a certificate of analysis

NOTIFICATION: Kaivogen chelates listed in the Products section are from here on available through Abacus Diagnostica Ltd. Please contact Mr. Erno Sundberg (CEO),