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History, Future & Vision


Kaivogen Oy provides customer-oriented, reliable and flexible services.

Kaivogen Oy is biotechnology company founded in the beginning of 2007. Our facilities are located at the heart of one of the largest Finnish biotechnology centres, Turku Science Park. The close proximity of three universities and several biotechnology companies has enabled us to participate in the latest biotechnology research and development programs.

Right from the start Kaivogen has been a high quality microplate supplier with a satisfied and growing customer base. Most of our customers are internationally operating diagnostic companies, contract research companies and academic research groups. We are always interested in expanding our clientele.

Since 2007 the headcount of Kaivogen has increased from three to twenty. The plan is to increase personnel by 1-2 annually. Six of our personnel have a Ph.D.

The focus of Kaivogen is strongly on the future and our vision is to become a widely known supplier of high quality products in the European biotechnology market. In order to achieve our vision, Kaivogen guarantees high customer satisfaction through reliable and flexible delivery of our state of the art products. From central laboratory assays to point-of-care, Kaivogen is willing to offer the best help and high quality assay components to achieve your goal. By continuously improving our quality system, we secure the functionality of our delivered products. Our core values include customer orientated operation, high quality and reliability.