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Were you unable to find what your assay needs from our product offering? Kaivogen also has a custom service to fulfil your assay’s demands regarding coating of microplates, lanthanide chelates or buffers. Let us help you to make your assay happy!

Custom coating: Should you need a coating other than streptavidin or anti-mouse on your plate, Kaivogen provides custom plate coating service. We can perform the coating according to your protocol or do a process optimization to guarantee optimal performance of your plates. All custom coatings take place in our validated production facilities and are made by ISO 9001 and/or ISO 13485 certified procedures. Final product is not under the certification. The service is also available in 384-well plate format.

Lanthanide chelates and labelling service: In addition to the chelates listed in the Products section, Kaivogen can deliver several other lanthanide chelates. For example special chelates for DNA assays, chelates with higher stability or increased luminescence yield are available through Kaivogen’s custom service. Also chelates with different lanthanides, like samarium, or different activation chemistries can be synthesized based on the needs of your assay. NOTIFICATION: Kaivogen chelates listed in the Products section are from here on available through Abacus Diagnostica Ltd. Please contact Mr. Erno Sundberg (CEO),

Should you have an interest to use different reporter molecules, for example HRP-conjugates for ELISA-technique we can perform the conjugation for you through our custom labelling service.

Tailor made buffers: Save time and outsource your buffer production! For common buffers we have a stock of standard laboratory reagents but we can also do small scale buffer production according to your recipe. Ask for Kaivogen custom service and benefit from our experience!

Kaivogen can provide all the components you need for the well-being of your assay!